uPVC Window & Door

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Characteristics of uPVC window & door

1.  Energy Efficiency:
Quality uPVC windows and doors are very efficient units that will enables to keep a home warm and comfortable in the winter and cooler in the summer. uPVC patio doors allow a lot of light entering through the door due to large sheets of glazing, and yet the door will still be thermally efficient. uPVC is a more thermally efficient product than timber or aluminium windows. Installing quality upvc double glazing in homes lowers the running costs of the property as there is less need for central heating and air conditioning.
2.  Cost Effectiveness: uPVC windows and doors that are double glazed are not inexpensive.
3.  Security and Safety:
uPVC double glazed windows and doors are known for their strength in both the frames and the glazing. It is very difficult to break through a uPVC frame and especially one that has steel strengthening rods added and quality uPVC window handles fitted. Double glazing is also very hard to break through or remove without creating a lot of disturbance. Some homeowners for additional security opt to fit window screens over their windows as well.
4.  Low Maintenance: uPVC products such as doors, windows and uPVC cladding on the other hand are classed as maintenance free, given that the uPVC in the frames will not need to be painted during its lifetime.